is the first mobile-born browser for creating and publishing your own hyperlinked stories. All you need is a pair of thumbs.



Bumble features a navigational system reminiscent of Myst, in that users move and read through stories in discrete moments composed of cards. Each card has four directions of linking: up, down, left, and right. Not all directions have to be utilized for each card, allowing diversity in storytelling techniques and possibilities for creating complex branching narratives. Within a thread, movement between cards is bidirectional. To see a story in its entirety, users can flip the phone into landscape.

Card Creation

Stories are composed in discrete units called cards. Users have the option of placing text and/or video on cards and can link up to four other cards through a swipe motion. By the very nature of the medium, stories will look like distinct islands, or chunks of cards gridded in abstract forms.


Fans love crossing of franchises into new, unique stories or narratives that comprise of multiple stories set in the same world. If users want to create intertwining worlds, multi-layered stories, or parallel fictions, they may do so through Bumble's hyperlinking feature. Hyperlinking allows users to link specific cards within a thread, to another card in a separate thread. If the entirety of our story ecosystem was completely linked, imagine how crazy and nonlinear the web would be.

About Us

Kevin Cadena is a graphic designer currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. He feels bad when people offer him food as a sign of friendship but has to turn it down because he is lame and vegan. Either way, he still appreciates the gesture.

Kathy Woo(hoo) never gave her "About" blurb >:(

Jamar Bromley is graduating from RISD in the Spring of 2015 with an MFA in Graphic Design, has made a vow to not experience winter for at least 5 years, and is determined to become a Pokemon Master.


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Chris Novello/Make/Post/Pip/Pathfinder/Computer Utopias 2015

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