Mobile Internet Research

Experimenting with Phone Sensors

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Part 1: Mapping to a 3D Space & Swiping

Part 2: Card Metaphors

Part 3: Layering
(Note: Does not work on Android Phones for the time being)

This was the Final for my Internet Research Elective Class. I'm extremely influenced by pieces of writing such as Design Machines and Frank Chimero's writings that talk about the untapped potential of design on digital medium and how instead of experimenting, things have started to look the same.

The phone has a lot of untapped potential in how experiences on it may be completely unique from experiences on the computer. Mobile Research was a 3-week project in starting to experiment with phone sensors for the use of deviating more from computer conventions. Because of this, the experience does not have a computer counterpart and visiting the website on a computer will only tell you to revisit the site on your phone.

You can see the project at
though if you visit on your computer, you won't get much out of it.