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Avocado Aficionado Quickie by Bianca Elena

Why BioArt is our Future Quickie by Callie Clayton

Make a Snowglobe Quickie by Elizabeth Goodspeed

Analog GIFs Quickie by Barron Webster

Relief for the Soul Quickie by Wei-Ming Leong

RISD Quickies is a forum for student-led, student-taught workshops at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. RISD Quickies was started 6 years ago and it's current iteration has been around for 3 years. Every Wintersession (which is the entire month of January) RISD Quickies allows students interested in teaching, to hold workshops about whatever they would like to teach others. I was co-director this past year with Elizabeth Goodspeed and a team consisting of Sonya Fayzieva and Molly Millette

This 2016 Season, RISD Quickies held a record-breaking 45 workshops taught by 36 different instructors and attended by over 500 RISD Students. Iconography for the 2016 Schedule done by me with help from Elizabeth Goodspeed and Ryan Mather. Poster for 2016 by me. Website by Barron Webster and Eli Block

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