Rethinking SMS

Non-Disruptive Redesign of Messages

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Setting a Focus so messages are Queued while you work.

Sending out Messages to someone in Focus lets you know they're busy and will receive your message later.

Is it an emergency? If so, you can send the message right now by swiping up.

This was the final project for my User Interfaces class at Brown University. The idea is an interpretation of Tristan Harris' Time Well Spent Manifesto to design interfaces that are more ethical and considerate to a person's needs and life. Along with this another initiative of the project was to rethink how we can interact with the phone in ways more native and natural to it as opposed to tapping buttons which is where the swiping interface developed from. Similarly to how Don't Click It explores hovering to interface with a web browser. Rethink SMS was designed by me. The Prototype was coded by Annalia Sunderland on FramerJS. Copy for the website & presentation was written by Elbert Wang and Daniel Glauber.

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You can see the project website/test it for yourself here