Citizen + Virtual

Workshop / Event Series on Digital Citizenship

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Introduction @ MIT(Photo by Kenji Endo)

Jeff Huang Speaking @ RISD/Brown (Photo by Cole Moore)

Sharon Goldberg Presents @ BU (Photo by Kenji Endo)

Final Critique at RISD (Photo by Kenji Endo)

C+V Exhibit: Separate Threads

C+V Exhibit: My Journal

C+V Exhibit: Lonely

During the month of January, I directed a 5-Week Workshop Series between Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston University called "Citizen + Virtual." The workshop was the third in the series and dealt with themes of Digital Citizenship. The Coordinators along with the 14 Participants chosen from Brown, RISD, and MIT met every Saturday at one of the four schools to deal with these topics more in depth.

Each day consisted of theory workshops, skill-based workshops and a guest speaker from the area. Along with this, participants also partnered up into teams and worked on group based projects that ranged from commentary on decentralized identity on the internet to speculative futures about digital technology's effect on relationships (See here) culminating in public events such as a movie screening and a final exhibit during the 5th week. All assets were designed by me unless stated otherwise.

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